Mindfulness | Coaching | Mentorat 1:1 sessions with Valérie

The individual sessions offered by Valérie combine different methodologies as follows:

  •  mindfulness, in the spirit of the MBSR® program, based on neuroscience. More details here;
  •  mentoring  in mindfulness, improving personal relationships, increasing self-esteem and compassion, personal development, desire for making a career change or making progress in the professional field;
  • solution focus coaching and neuromindfulness coaching.

The individual sessions are oriented to the needs expressed by each client. Specific requirements may include for example:

– the need to clarify a direction and to be guided on this road by a gentle and assertive Coach, who helps you to see your resources, to mobilize them and move on

– the wish to be more present, aligned with your beliefs and values, to find the „inner compass” with which to navigate further, consciously and taking responsibility

– the desire to learn about secular Mindfulness techniques and integrate them into your daily life, at your own pace, your schedule and your personality, so that you can establish a better attitude in life

– the need to reduce the level of stress that has begun to affect your performance, relationships and ability to enjoy what you do.

You can choose a one-hour session  or  a package of  5 or 10 one-hour sessions.

Meetings take place live or online. 

Valérie also offers a special Stress Reduction package designed in line with the certified MBSR® program: 9 thematic sessions of 1.5 hours plus the possibility to participate to one day practice in a group of people.

The Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program (MBSR®) was designed and developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (USA) by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, and his team. From 1979 to present, over 30,000 people have undergone the MBSR® protocol at the Center for Mindfulness, providing a large sample of testing and validation. Due to its scientifically proven benefits, the program has today expanded its applicability in all fields (education, social sciences, business, personal development, etc.).

If you are a busy person or for any other reasons you want to attend an individual training program, do not hesitate to contact us.

Who is Valérie ?

Valérie Cioloș-Villemin is coach and Mindfulness Trainer. She qualified as a Mindfulness MBSR Trainer with the University of Massachusetts (UMASS Medical School), the institution where this method was founded and recognized worldwide and used successfully in medicine, education or business. She achieved in 2022 the second and highest level of training and is Certified MBSR Teacher by Brown University.

Valérie has three university degrees in life sciences, social-economic development and economy, and a PhD on the restructuring of transition economies.

Valérie has been using regularly the techniques she teaches in her personal life for 20 years, both for reasons of mental hygiene and for her duty as a trainer to the participants in her workshops.

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