„EAT FOOD, NOT THOUGHTS”|Mindful Eating Workshop with Yael&Valérie

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We are preparing, special for you, a Mindful Eating program in 2021… Just follow us!

Why, how and what do we eat? If the answers to these questions come to you easily and clearly, congratulations! You have mastered one of the key ingredients of a fulfilled life. And you probably don’t need this workshop. If, however, like many of us, you don’t find it so easy to respond and it is just as difficult to define and keep a healthy relation to the act of eating, then this evening might be for you. 

What is mindful eating and what will happen?

Mindful eating is an efficient way to give our body the nourishment it needs, without restricting ourselves while fully experiencing the pleasure of eating.

This workshop will introduce you to a new perspective on how we eat, as a specific application of mindfulness. Among other things:

  • You can develop a better connection to your needs by listening to sensations of hunger in your body 
  • You can learn the difference between physiological and emotional hunger
  • You can tell the difference between good food and junk more easily
  • You can start a practice that will develop into a more balanced relationship to food and eating
During the workshop, Valérie and Yael will lead you through:
  • “Dive in” Mindfulness Practice
  • Introduction to essential aspects of Mindful Eating
  • Practice around food (food snack will be provided) 
  • Experience sharing

Who are the trainers:  Yael Bloch

Yael Bloch is a certified yoga teacher and writer born in France. She now lives in Bucharest where she teaches yoga in groups (adults and children), workshops, as well as in yoga retreats in France. 

A former engineer, Yael holds a PhD in Soil Mechanics. Her children, her life abroad and back pain problems have lead her to attend a Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2001 in New-York (Iyengar Yoga, taught by Paula Heitzner) and then in Paris at the well-known École Française de Yoga (EFY), both leading to certifications. She also certified in Yoga Nidra (at the RYE, taught by Micheline Flak) as well as in “Yoga de l’Énergie” (Académie du Yoga de l’Énergie, taught by Jean-Pierre Laffez). 

Two of Yael’s books in French have been published this year: Ashrams, voyage aux sources du yoga and Respire, by La Plage Publishing House. She is currently working on a new book about Mindful eating, in collaboration with Ananda Ceballos. 

She is passionate about yoga philosophy, which has transformed her life, and is keen to understand and explain the why and how we do things in yoga. She is involved in the training of future Yoga teachers at the EFY in the field of Yoga for Children. She has completed the MBSR® program this year with Valérie Ciolos-Villemin and just started a two-year Training Program in Yogatherapy. 

You can find Yael on Facebook as yogaavecyael or on her website www.yogaavecyael.com.

Who are the trainers:  Valérie Ciolos-Villemin

Valérie Ciolos-Villemin is an authorized Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR®) trainer, certified by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the institution where this approach was initiated and then widely recognized as a successful method to be used in medical, educational or business environment. 

Valérie has three university degrees in life sciences, social-economic development and economy, and a PhD in the restructuring of transition economies. She has worked for 15 years in change management of organizations and society, before starting to focus on change and resilience at individual level using scientific Mindfulness tools and processes. Since 2017, when she opened “Casa Mindfulness”, more than 130 persons have been already trained in the MBSR® programme. She also works with companies and large organizations interested in providing their employees this efficient practice that contributes to their overall wellbeing.  

In her everyday life, she practices the mindfulness techniques that she teaches, not only as a form of mental hygiene, but also because she feels this is her duty to the workshop participants.

First  Mindful eating session: Monday 26 November (18:30-21:00)

Place: Bucharest, Casa Mindfulness (central area, close to Piata Romana)

Participating Fee : 110 Lei

The session will be held in English.

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