1:1 Coaching sessions with Daniela

How are we going to work together?

Solution focused coaching (Brief coaching) is based on the homonymous therapeutic method developed by Steve de Shaezer and Insoo Kim Berg in the United States in the 1980s.

The coaching process uses various tools and is based on over 25 years of practical research in the field of rapid change with lasting impact at personal and company level.

This approach suggests an important paradigm shift: if we focus on solutions and seek to do even more of what has previously worked, we often manage to move forward faster and more efficiently than if we analyse the difficulties too much and their potential causes.

The results thus obtained can be sustainable and can support a deeper transformation and generate a wider interest in continuous development. 

“Problems talk creates problems. Solution talk creates solutions.”

Steve de Shazer

Some key elements of this approach

  • The client is seen as an expert in identifying his own solutions
  • We carefully explore together how clients would like their lives to be different and how they will realize that they are taking steps toward that goal
  • We suggest and define together objectives that can be achieved step by step
  • We put the spotlight on the client’s strengths and build on them
  • We guide the client to identify moments and actions that are already working in the direction he wants, and how he could repeat those more often

Some exemples…

Some examples of solution-oriented questions:

  • How would you like your current situation to change?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you say you are in attaining your goal?
  • What helped you to take a few steps in the desired direction?
  • If you managed to get up to 10, to reach your goal, what would be different for you then? Who else would notice this difference?
  • Lately, there have been small moments when you approached 10? How did you do this?
  • How could you realize that you have taken another step towards 10?

Find something that works and do it more and more.”

Insoo Kim Berg

Who shoud attend?

A solution-oriented coaching process can support you when you face blockages, when you have important decisions to make, when you need new perspectives and creative ideas, when you are looking for more clarity in what you are doing. In general, this approach leads to results in fewer sessions than other methods of coaching.

Who is the Coach?

Daniela Pavlovici is a coach (Associate Certified Coach-International Coach Federation), facilitator, trainer, trainer of trainers, and consultant. She is involved in projects of teams management, branding (personal and organizational), organizational and transformation development.

Among the tools she works with are: solution focused coaching, u.lab and Art of Hosting, Design Thinking and MBSR® type Mindfulness. She is undergoing formation courses at Oxford Mindfulness Center, Oxford University, to become an MBCT® (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) trainer.

Previously, she worked for over 18 years in communication, marketing, consulting and training, in multinational companies, international and non-governmental organizations from Romania and abroad, among which PwC, the United Nations Development Program and the Red Cross. In these contexts she delivered training in the field of managerial and marketing skills development.

On a personal level, Daniela strongly believes in the importance of freedom and fulfilment of all the opportunities life offers. These beliefs guide her in creating space for clients to focus on what they really want from their lives, to live fully, with presence and compassion for themselves and others.

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