Stress Management 1:1 sessions with Valérie

Chronic stress has become an integral part of our lives. It may go unnoticed if there are no symptoms with an impact on:

  • our ability to concentrate and perform;
  • our health (burnout, various forms of depression, heart problems, etc.);
  • our relationships with others (at work, with family or friends), when we get angry quickly and lose control, easily coming into conflict, or we no longer manage to communicate and be empathetic, or we do not consider our  life meaningful anymore

Sounds familiar?

Are you struggling with sleep problems, have you started to have stress-related health problems??

Do you notice that fatigue has become almost chronic and that it is more and more difficult to wake up in the morning?

Do you feel that your performance is poor?

Are you constantly stressed? Is it hard for you to concentrate?

Do you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and feel close to burnout?

Do you feel your brain working continuously and you can’t stop it?

Do you want to be more energetic and creative?

Are you often blamed for not knowing how to listen? … That you are not empathetic enough?

Do you no longer find a meaning in what you are doing?

Do you feel the need to find yourself, to know who you are and what you want from life?

Do you long for a better balance between personal and professional life?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, then mindfulness techniques might help you.

What do we offer?

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR®) has been created and developed by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, in the United States. Since 1979 up to now, more than 30.000 participants have taken the MBSR® protocol in Stress Reduction Clinic, offering a large sample for testing and validating the program in a scientific and rigorous manner. The benefits of this method were so convincing that more and more insurance companies in the United States have included this program in their eligible treatment and prevention schemes.

Nowadays, Mindfulness has spread beyond the medical field, these methods finding their applicability, with remarkable success, in many fields: education, social sciences, personal development, business etc. They are currently used in top companies such as Google (Search Inside Yourself program), Apple, Intell, AOL or inthe United States Army, European Commission and British Parliament.

Individual sessions are customized on the basis of the client needs and skills. We offer you the following options:

  • online or in person programs
  • one sessions, 5 sessions or 10 sessions package
  • a special program based on the MBSR® methodology with 9 thematic 1,5 hour sessions and one day group practice.

Who should attend?

This program can be attended by anyone who wants to improve his stress resilience abilities and find a certain joy in living, regardless of his professional or personal background.

If you are a busy person or if for any other reason you want to organize an individual program, do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the benefits of practising Mindfulness ?

  • Stress reduction, development of attention, mental clarity and concentration
  • Increased performance and efficiency, optimised decision-making capacity
  • Better balance between personal and professional life
  • Increased level of emotional intelligence: empathy, balanced management of emotions

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem, development of a natural charisma
  • Healthier interpersonal relationships and enhanced team spirit
  • More energy and creativity
  • Development of compassion, authenticity and autonomy in decision making

Who is your coach?

Valérie Cioloș-Villemin is coach and Mindfulness Trainer. She qualified as a Mindfulness MBSR Trainer with the University of Massachusetts (UMASS Medical School), the institution where this method was founded and recognized worldwide and used successfully in medicine, education or business. She achieved in 2022 the second and highest level of training and is Certified MBSR Teacher by Brown University.

With a triple university degree in natural sciences, socio-economic development and economic sciences, and a doctorate in restructuring economies in transition, Valérie worked first as a researcher and then as a practitioner in systems evolution and the adaptation of the economic actors to a changing business environment. She was concerned not only with the process of change at the societal level, but also with change and resilience at the individual level.

Valérie has been using regularly the techniques she teaches in her personal life for 20 years, both for reasons of mental hygiene and for her duty as a trainer to the participants in her workshops.

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